Sunday, 4 December 2016

Wine and Cheese Pairing

At my last wine tasting with Natalie MacLean, we were given some cheese from a local producer and were challenged to find a good Ontario wine pairing. Here's my choice.

This cheese is great on its own, so I thought going "like for like" would be a nice approach. I wanted to try a find a good red wine pairing for this, and after trying a few potential wines, the Henry of Pelham 2012 Pinot Noir jumped out as a great match. The smokiness and light tanginess of the cheese blended in to the smokiness of the wine, with its added bright fruit characters just adding the right amount of sparkle without taking anything away.

I tried some bigger wines and was surprised that the best pairing was a Pinot. I think in this case, the body, flavour, and tannins are all at just the right level for this cheese, enhancing it without overpowering. Once again, Henry of Pelham doesn't disappoint. If you're a red wine fan, this is the pairing for you.

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