Sunday, 4 December 2016

Riptide Rye Pale Ale - Advent Calendar Day 4

When I opened Day 4's entry for this year's beer advent calendar, I found the Forked River Brewing Company's Riptide Rye Pale Ale with a 5.7% alcohol.

Slightly hazy medium orange-amber with a fine white head. The aromas are fairly subtle, with rye cereal, orange, cinnamon, floral, and caramel. The taste is well balanced, crisp, and slightly rounded with medium malt, orange, floral hops, and cinnamon. The hops show a little more bitterness in the finish.

The balance of this beer makes it nice for those that are not into super hoppy, super-dark, super floral, etc, beer.  It's got flavour, body,  and character, but doesn't push the envelope.

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