Friday, 9 December 2016

Forge & Fire Amber Ale - Advent Calendar Day 9

We're well into Week 2 of this year's Beer Advent Calendar. The brew for Day 9 is an Amber Ale from Forge & Fire Brewing Company. 5% ABV, 38 IBUs.

It's a hazy dark orange-amber with a very thin beige head. The aromas are caramel, coffee, oatmeal, rising bread, and orange. It's quite smooth and round with mainly coffee, oatmeal, and orange flavours.

I'm not generally a huge amber ale fan but I like this.

Edited to add (from Sheena): when I was adding the photo and links to Doug's tasting notes I made an interesting discovery. This brew is actually from Collective Arts! And if you've read the previous posts featuring beers from that brewery, you know that Doug is a fan. He didn't know that when he wrote his tasting notes - he doesn't visit the brewer's sites as he doesn't want to influence his own judgement by reading their tasting notes before writing his own.

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