Thursday, 1 December 2016

Beer Advent Calendar - the 2016 Edition

Hi folks,

So what do you get the spouse who really doesn't need much of anything? Consumables, of course!

Last year I purchased a "Beer Advent Calendar" from Savvy Company and it was a hit with the one who drinks beer. Yes, it is EXACTLY what it sounds like - a collection of 24 beers, one for each day leading up to Christmas. Much more satisfying to a grown up than those chocolate calendars you can get for the kids. Sadly, this year Savvy didn't repeat the calendar so I was left to my own devices to put together one for the other half.

Conveniently for me, all 24 beers JUST fit into this tote from Thirtyone that I had lying around.

Be sure to stop by over the next 24 days as we reveal the beers were included in this year's calendar!

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