Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Hops & Robbers - Advent Calendar Day 6

Today's beer advent calendar reveal is the Hops & Robbers Session IPA from Double Trouble Brewing Company. 5.7% Alcohol, 50 IBUs

This is a slightly hazy medium orange-gold with a thin white head. The aromas of this beer are pretty straightforward; toffee, orange, oatmeal, and a little cinnamon and pine. The taste is fairly round, with medium malt and a bit of hops showing. The flavour is mainly a light oatmeal and orange. Clean finish.

That said, Double Trouble needs a bit of a history lesson on what "session" generally means.  You can look it up yourself, but it's generally limited to beers of less than 5%, and usually more towards the 3-4% ABV level. This is actually labelled both "Strong beer" and "Session IPA", and I'd argue that is it neither.

I hate it when meaningful things become meaningless marketing terms.

If you want to try a great example of what a session IPA should be check out this one from Day 1 of the calendar.

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