Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Dungeons and Dragons Table Configuration

This is a just a simple thing, but many people seemed to think it was such a great idea I though I'd post it here.

I regularly host a tabletop D&D game, and space is always at a premium. Players these days generally use laptops, tablets, or other devices, occasionally have books, and we frequently eat before (or during) the game. For all the devices, there are cables and power bars. There are bowls for snacks. All of this takes up table space, leaving very little space for maps, which  really do add a lot to the game, and are important for those big battles.

I'd made 'leg extenders' for one of our collapsing tables so that Sheena could work on quilts more easily, as many tasks would otherwise require bending over a table of normal height. The extenders are just sections of PVC pipe with tennis balls hot-glued on the ends to keep the floor from getting scratched.

With this elevated table in the middle, the other two tables inset nicely, allowing maps and other important game stuff to sit on top, while still allowing room for laptops, food, etc. Cables, etc, can come up underneath as well which really helps keep them out of the way. This way the players get a nice clear view of the maps without reaching through a sea of laptop screens and wine glasses.

The wooden table you see at the other end is where the Dungeon Master typically sits. If you need more space, more tables can be added of course,  including just adding another folding table across the end facing towards you in this picture. The two outer tables in this picture are these from Canadian Tire. I think the other may be an older model from there as well. Ideally, the centre table will have as little space between the top part of the legs as possible so that the outer tables inset well.

The next step will be to put a couple of screws on the underside of the centre table so that the power bars can be slipped onto them using their mounting holes. Ideally I'll be able to do this so the screws can stay in without affecting the way the tables fold.

I'm sure this will help out for board games of some kinds as well. Hope this helps someone find more space for your tabletop gaming!

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